Magazines, Catalogues, Brochures, Directories, Journals, Event Guides, Programmes, Newsletters

Buxton Press specialises in printing publications. With paginations from 4 to 400 pages and run lengths from 300 to more than 60,000 copies - if it has pages, we can print it!

With our rolling capital investment policy we ensure we have the most advanced technologies installed to produce your publication. Printing to ISO 12647-2 standards, all our equipment has been carefully selected for optimum efficiency and performance resulting in the highest quality colour printing and finishing to best meet your requirements -  competitively priced and with swiftly delivered.

Finished to perfection

With in-house saddle stitching, perfect binding and PUR capabilities, Buxton has everything under one roof, enhancing our operating efficiencies and ensuring we are in control of the whole production process, contributing to increased production flexibility and directly benefitting all our customers.

Once your publication has been printed, it can be stitched or bound in house saving time and reaching your audience without delay.

Saddle Stitching

Saddle stitching is the printing term for publications that have been stapled and is a very popular, employed on magazines, catalogues and newsletters. It can be used for both self-covered publications – where the paper is the same weight throughout – and for publications which have a heavier cover with lighter text pages – up to approximately 96 pages.

Folded printed sheets are draped in order over a saddle like piece of equipment and then stapled through the fold line with a continuous wire “stitch” which gives the appearance of the publication having been stapled with two metal staples between the centre pages.

Perfect Binding

Perfect bound publications are comprised of a cover with lighter weight text pages and have a squared edge known as a “spine” which creates an additional area on which the title of the publication may be printed. Ideal for brochures, catalogues and magazines with larger paginations, the printed pages are stacked together to form a neat block which is glued along the prepared spine edge using a strong, flexible glue. The cover is then wrapped around the glued pages, prior to the publication being trimmed to its finished size.

PUR Binding

PUR binding is a form of perfect binding that uses a different type of extra strong flexible glue which increases durability and allows the pages of the publication to be opened flatter. It is ideal for those publications with a larger number of pages and those which are intended to have a longer shelf life or heavy usage, for example: product directories, catalogues and prospectuses.