On-line Solutions

Buxton is not only dedicated to printing but also provides the facility for publishers to maximise cross media opportunities through the provision of advanced digital editions and apps, capitalising on content and on-line opportunities. 

Digital editions

A digital edition of your publication is an ideal way of complementing your printed edition, potentially enabling you to reach different target audiences, raising your title’s brand profile and expanding readership whilst also maximising existing content easily and economically. 

Optimised for all devices and search engines, digital editions are created by taking your PDF files and converting them into an HTML5 edition for viewing across all platforms: desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles. Free or subscription based, they incorporate a myriad of functions including:

  • custom branding including logo, background image and navigation bar
  • analytics
  • keyword searches
  • social media links


Having your own branded magazine app is another way to reach and engage with audiences and provides potential opportunities for raising your business brand profile as well as creating additional publishing revenue streams.

Designed to operate on smartphone and tablet devices, Buxton has created a highly accessible range of solutions to enhance the user experience and suit your business requirements. Using the PDF of your publication as a starting point, we will be able to assist you to create your branded app and enable you to publish your titles.

Our app packages provide a wide range of interactive features including:

  • client dashboard
  • data capture
  • in-app advertising
  • link high-lighting
  • archive search
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