Upload your PDF files from anywhere in the World!

Buxton prints from print ready PDF files and uses “XMF Remote” as its powerful, internet-based file submission, soft-proofing and workflow tool.

With one of the largest installations in Europe, Buxton’s Fuji XMF Remote System is one of the most advanced and flexible print management and file optimisation systems available and enables you to send, update and approve your pages – day or night – wherever you are in the World! Fast and efficient, XMF Remote combines the latest technology with ease of use and provides multiple checks and advanced proofing options, saving time and eliminating the need – and cost – of paper proofing. 

To use XMF, you will be set up as a user and given a unique login and password to access the system and securely upload your files. Once your files are uploaded, you will have instant access to one of the most powerful and in depth pre-flight checking tools available, Enfocus Pitstop, which will help troubleshoot any potential pre-flight problems, strengthening essential quality assurance procedures for complete peace of mind. 

XMF Remote Instructions and User Guide

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