Buxton provides a comprehensive mailing, fulfilment and delivery service

With in-house automated mailing lines incorporating the latest in fast drying bit-jet addressing technology, we offer a comprehensive range of options to safely wrap and address your publication prior to mailing. 

Using your preferred method of wrapping, all mailing lines are equipped with in-line mechanical inserting stations to provide the flexibility for additional inserts or onserts giving a wider choice and offering a potential additional income stream.

First class mailing solutions – we’ve got it all wrapped up!

Due to an overall increase in awareness of the long-term damaging effects on the environment of some plastics and their improper disposal, Buxton is delighted to offer a range of mailing solutions that not only protect your publication but are also kinder to the planet.

Paper wrapping 

Following extensive trials, Buxton has installed one of the latest Sitma paper wrapping machines, to provide a comprehensive and bespoke in-house paper wrapping service. 

Paper wrapping offers a keenly priced and viable environmentally friendly alternative to recyclable polywrap or compostable wrappers. Using a recyclable, premium white paper, paper wrapping offers strong protection for your publication and can carry your logo and branding or be optimised for advertising to create a potential additional revenue stream.

Recyclable polywrapping 

Strong but lightweight, our traditional polywrap is available as clear poly or with a white banding and may be either used in conjunction with a carrier sheet enabling you to personalise your communication or be addressed straight onto the wrapper along with the printing of the postal indicia, return address and a logo.

Made from low density polyethylene, it is recyclable and can be disposed of in the bins that supermarkets have for carrier bags etc.

Recycled plastics typically go back into the system to be made into sacks or building products.

Compostable magazine wrap
Buxton’s compostable magazine wrap:

  • does not contain any plastic but is manufactured using bio-polymers e.g. a mix of starches, cellulose, vegetable oils and their combinations
  • is starch-based and suitable for home composting e.g. in a garden / food waste bin
  • meets the criteria for the industrial compostability of packaging, ref:  EN 13432 and therefore can be labelled as fully compostable

Data Confidentiality / GDPR

All work undertaken by Buxton Press on behalf of its clients is treated as strictly confidential and commercially sensitive.

In line with our GDPR responsibilities, we request that all mailing data is prepared and supplied to Buxton’s specifications and is password protected prior to sending to Buxton for secure data processing.

Records are updated, archived and / or securely deleted in line with our policies and according to client’s  instructions.

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