Compostable wrap is here!

Due to an increase in public awareness of plastics and the potentially long-term damaging effects on the environment of their improper disposal, we are pleased to announce we can now provide a starch-based compostable wrapper as an alternative to our traditional plastic film polywrap for mailing purposes.

Our compostable magazine wrap:

  • is manufactured using bio-polymers e.g. a mix of starches, cellulose, vegetable oils and their combinations
  • is starch-based and fully compostable
  • is suitable for home composting e.g. in a garden / food waste bin / home compost heap
  • meets the criteria for the industrial compostability of packaging, ref:  EN 13432 and therefore can be labelled as fully compostable
  • does not contain any plastic!

To find out more or to obtain a sample, please contact your sales person or account executive who will be delighted to assist.